About Us

The idea for “CampFitters” evolved from the success of Christmas & Associates, a recreational land company founded by Daniel Christmas. For over 20 years, Christmas & Associates has been helping everyday folks realize their dream of owning their own piece of land for enjoyment—helping connect customers with a simpler, “back to basics” way of life. Our customers love the outdoors—they hunt, hike, fish, snowmobile, and camp. And many, if not most, eventually build a camp on the land that they buy.

As the company grew and prospered, we discovered that our customers lacked a source for outfitting these camps. This discovery inspired the creation of our Camp Store in the same town where our land company is headquartered. Featuring quality wool clothing and blankets, bedding, rustic furniture and camp crafts, the Camp Store provided a way for Christmas & Associates’ land customers to decorate and outfit their new camps.

As the store became more and more popular, we increasingly received requests for an easier way to order our unique camp decor and other camp products. Thus the idea for CampFitters.com was born—providing an online, one-stop-shop for people who want to outfit their camps from the comfort of a desk chair at their home computers.